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2002/01/17...the first list...this is how I'm amusing myself today.

So everyone's favourite wacky egomaniac George Lucas isn't saying what he's going to do with the highly-anticipated N*Stync cameo footage that was shot for "Episode II : Attack Of The Clones"...whether it is going to be in the final cut, or left on the cutting room floor along with the Christina Haguilera-as-Chewbacca's-hairier-sister screen test footage, or saved for the special edition Episode II DVD that George-o-maniac will claim to be too busy to release until after the "Return Of The Jedi Extra Special With More Digitally Enhanced Force Than Ever Before Edition!" DVD is released in 2099 which will force fanatics to once again break out the kneepads to get it released before "Episode III - Put Any Old Title Here The Sheep Will Pay I Have Them By The Short And Curlies", or locked away in the Skywalker Ranch Super 31337 Sekret Vault for inclusion in the inevitable "Episode II : Attack Of The Special Edition Clones"...

Nevertheless, like many of you, I could not believe that N*Stync had a cameo in Episode II. And then I thought about it. And I thought some more. And then I saw the light. And lo, it was good.

Submitted for your approval ... the top ten ways that Episode II Featuring N*Stync is more appealing than boring old Episode II.

  1. The scene where 5 all singin' all dancin' Jawas get massacred by Tusken raiders!
  2. That stylin' hip-hop dance sequence featuring 5 all singin' all dancin' steaming piles of bantha poodoo!
  3. As the house band in a cantina, their "fresh sound" drives Chewbacca berserk and he rends them limb from limb!
  4. 5 times more Force for Yoda to feel!
  5. Mace Windu
  6. The love scene where Anakin romances Queen Amidala made extra-dreamy thanks to the extra-smooth sounds of 5 slow-jammin' steaming piles of bantha poodoo!
  7. Boba Fett hunts them down like the dogs they are!
  8. Anakin
  9. Obi-Wan
  10. Jar Jar Binks evolves from reviled to revered when he-sa kicks-sa their no-talent butts-sa!

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